Best Areas of Utah for Commercial Construction

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Since the Covid pandemic started in 2020, commercial construction has slowed down significantly. However, things seem to be picking back up in 2023. Utah is a state whose commercial construction industry, in particular, is experiencing a renaissance. There has never been more new construction and development in Utah than is happening now. The real question is, for how long will it continue? The economy of Utah continues to receive nationwide attention, and commercial real estate investors are pouring into the state. As new construction projects break ground every day, the following are two of the best areas for commercial construction in Utah:

Salt Lake City

Levelset compared about 50 metropolitan areas in the country based on factors like safety, lien security, weather, and employment to decide which places are the best for commercial construction. Salt Lake City ranked number two, only surpassed by Seattle.

There will be plenty of jobs in construction for contractors like Kilgore Companies in the future. Salt Lake City has about 222 days in a year when the weather is ripe for construction.

However, the main reason the city is the best place for commercial construction is its lien security. Utah’s mechanics’ lien law provides strong payment protection for construction businesses hence jobs in construction are increasing daily.


Lehi is one of the fastest-growing cities in Utah. According to the US Census Bureau, it is the fifth fastest-growing city in the United States.

The growth, coupled with Utah’s lien law which protects construction companies, makes it the second-best place for commercial construction in the state.

Several construction projects are happening in the city already because Lehi is unique and has a lot of space for development.Utah is quickly developing, and many jobs in construction are increasingly available. Salt Lake City and Lehi are two of the best areas for commercial construction.