Construction Jobs in Utah with Kilgore Companies

construction jobs
construction jobs

Kilgore Companies offers many construction job opportunities for those looking to make a career change in Utah. With offices throughout the state and expertise covering multiple disciplines, Kilgore Companies is a great place for individuals seeking employment in the construction industry.

About Kilgore Companies

Kilgore Companies is one of Utah’s largest construction materials and services providers. Established over 70 years ago, it has grown into a successful business with seven divisions across five states. It specializes in providing reliable solutions for residential and commercial projects ranging from road building to landscaping. As such, plenty of exciting jobs are available within its ranks that cover all aspects of the world’s ever-evolving infrastructure needs.

Available Construction Jobs

Kilgore Companies has a wide range of jobs available in the construction industry. From equipment operators to laborers and engineers, many positions would suit individuals looking to join the company’s ranks. Individuals with experience will be welcomed into Kilgore Companies’ team as their knowledge can help create innovative solutions for projects throughout Utah.

Benefits of Working at Kilgore Companies

The benefits offered by Kilgore Companies exceed those typically associated with most construction job opportunities in Utah. These include competitive wages, healthcare plans, 401(k) options, paid vacation time, and more. Additionally, they offer support services such as career counseling and training programs that allow employees to develop professionally while receiving financial compensation. Employees also have access to employee discounts on products related to the company’s business operations, which can result in considerable savings over time.


Overall, working at Kilgore Companies provides potential employees with an opportunity to gain employment and valuable skills within the field of construction jobs found throughout Utah. With its long-standing history among local communities plus competitive salaries and benefits packages, it is no surprise why so many people choose this group when considering a move up or switch within their careers.