Educating Our Employees on Safety

People working construction jobs face more danger than those working behind a desk. It is hence crucial for construction workers to learn about safety. Therefore, we at Kilgore Companies do everything in our power to teach our employees about safety. The following are some ways we educate our employees on safety:

Safety Education And Training

Basic safety education and training are part of our onboarding process. New employees learn about the risk they face at the workplace and how to mitigate them from as early as day one.

The training involves elements like knowledge of safety signs, how to properly handle construction equipment, and more. There is also safety education and training that applies to specific tasks.

The training continues for as long as an employee works construction jobs for Kilgore. The more experienced they are, the more advanced their safety training and education become.

We also offer refresher training to ensure the employees always remember their safety education and training. There are also constant advances in construction technology, meaning our employees must constantly learn how to safely handle new construction equipment and processes.

Safety Drills

Education and training about safety are important, but they must apply to the real world. Therefore, we regularly conduct safety drills to keep our employees on their toes and ensure they will correctly respond to dangerous situations.

Fire and evacuation drills are crucial for any industry, but for the construction industry, they should be more. Employees must know how to react when there are mishaps in construction jobs, like the collapse of scaffolding.

We hence conduct safety drills of specific scenarios to ensure our employees are always ready. Employee safety education and training is our responsibility, and we do it to the best of our ability at Kilgore Companies. The two above are only examples of how we educate our employees.