Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Fiber reinforcement has been used since the Roman Era. It was popular then, and it’s just as valuable now. You might not know what fiber-reinforced concrete is, but you notice it when you walk on a sidewalk or see it underneath a bridge. It should come as no surprise that over 80% of new construction projects use fiber reinforcement. It is used throughout various industries, such as commercial projects or jobs in construction. Fiber-reinforced concrete is becoming increasingly popular among architects looking to reduce costs while meeting their desired design requirements. Kilgore Companies have been utilizing fiber reinforcement in concrete for decades. This innovative construction material has proved to be a reliable and cost-effective way of increasing the strength, durability, and longevity of structures made from concrete.

Fiber reinforcement works by adding fibers like steel into existing concrete mixes before pouring them into molds or formwork onsite. These fibers act as tiny reinforcements within the matrix structure of the hardened cement paste that makes up the concrete composition. The resulting product is more potent than traditional casted slabs due to its higher flexural strength capacity, which helps it resist cracking under stress when subjected to sudden changes in temperature or load force conditions found during building constructions, like those seen with many jobs in construction settings today. Meaning designers no longer need extra reinforcing bars when laying down flooring for large-scale projects because these miniature pieces provide enough support without requiring additional labor, which can often drive up project budgets significantly. Fiber reinforcement also reduces maintenance needs over time since there’s less chance of cracks forming from external forces applied against them, making long-term upkeep easier and cheaper.


At Kilgore Companies, we understand how important it is both financially and structurally speaking -to consider all options available when designing industrial buildings, specifically those related to jobs in construction; That’s why our team employs experienced professionals who use advanced technology along with modern materials such as fiber reinforced concrete so you know your job will get done right every single time.