Five Reasons to Repave Your Business Parking Lot

construction jobs
construction jobs

Cracked asphalt is unsightly, and that’s the truth, but we’ve got many other reasons besides aesthetics that’ll prompt you to repave your parking lot. There’s no reason to watch while your parking lot deteriorates. Kilgore can help you repave your parking lot with their construction jobs.

1. Stop the formation of Potholes

Cracks can form in your parking lot. This is due to the asphalt contracting during cold weather. This creates openings for water to fill up and drain to the foundation below. When this water freezes, it pushes up on the asphalt. A cavity is left behind as the water melts. Once this cavity collapses, a pothole is created. The longer you ignore these, the larger the damage becomes.

2. Repairs Save You Money

Repairing small potholes and cracks is much cheaper than having to deal with the repair of a larger area or, worse, a parking lot replacement due to foundation deterioration. So, attend to your problems while they’re still small.

3. Avoid Vehicle Damages

Customers don’t exactly enjoy weaving about and trying to avoid potholes. These potholes pose a danger to their vehicles, and hitting one could cause some serious damage to their vehicle and probably lose some loyal clients.

4. Avoid Sub-Grade Damage

You don’t only have the asphalt to worry about but also the sub-grading beneath the asphalt. Water seeping through cracks causes erosion of the gravel bed. This is bad news for your parking lot and is well worth avoiding.

5. Increased Property Value

No one is looking to purchase a property that is not well-maintained. A falling apart parking is quite displeasing to the eye and may chase away potential customers. Keeping your property maintained down to the parking lot will allow you to increase your property value and will attract more customers.

Luckily for you, there are Kilgore Companies available and always ready to get to work. If you’re looking for the best team to repave your parking lot and maybe tackle other construction jobs, they are reputable and provide high-quality services.

Construction jobs may seem simple, but with the wrong team at your hand, it could go completely wrong. Kilgore Companies has a good track record of well-executed construction jobs. Visit Kilgore Companies and see what they have on offer for you!