How to Increase the Lifespan of Concrete

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Typically, concrete is a solid and durable material. Large-scale concrete projects like buildings are usually expected to last up to 100 years with proper maintenance, while other projects such as sidewalks and driveways are more exposed to wear and tear this should last for about 50 years. Hiring the best professional contractors for your project is even more vital.

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Tips to Boost the lifespan of concrete:

To increase the longevity of concrete, you must increase its compressive strength while reducing the mature deterioration of structures. Here are some tips to achieve that:

  1. Include admixtures- Adding the appropriate chemicals to improve the behavior of concrete under certain conditions.
  2. Use control joint- water often penetrates through joints, thus corroding the reinforcement steel. With control joints, you can apply reliable waterproofing systems for long-term protection. Or hire those within jobs in construction to do that on your behalf.
  3. Keep the concrete moist and at adequate temperatures- It helps prevent premature moisture loss during placement and keeps the cement hydrated, thus increasing the density and strength of concrete.
  4. Adjust mix designs for low permeability- Although concrete inherently has low permeability, it may be necessary to adjust mix designs depending on the conditions.
  5. Cure the concrete properly- curing involves maintaining proper moisture levels, especially during the early age of concrete, to allow optimal hardening, thus helping it gain strength. This strength development method should continue for the first few days to keep the concrete from drying, cracking, or shrinking.

All these measures are essential for extending the lifespan of concrete structures. It would be best if you had an expert that understands how to choose high-quality construction materials. Additionally, they should have the best people for the job. Kilgore companies not only build resilient structures, but we also train more people across different careers in the contracting industry. Additionally, through Kilgore companies’ job opportunities, they have a chance to secure work and continue with our excellent work within jobs in construction. Reach us today to learn more about Kilgore companies.