How to Know Everything is Built to Code

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Ensuring everything in a construction project is built to code is challenging because codes can be complicated and confusing. Anyone working jobs in construction will tell you this. The good news as a property owner or investor is that you do not have to be an expert for the building to be up to code. When you hire Kilgore Companies, you can use their expertise and best practices. The following is how you can know everything is up to code:

Obtain All Permits

The first step to ensuring construction happens according to building codes is to get all the permits. You need a permit for just about everything in construction. Applying for the permits is a bother, but it will spare you plenty of anguish pertaining to building codes. So, get the permits and ensure they are approved.

Get The Local Building Code

The local building code provides the standard requirements for the design, construction, and functions of a building. The code is meant to uphold various standards, such as safety and energy efficiency.

The International Codes (I-Codes), developed by the International Code Council, is the most comprehensive set of building codes used in the US.

However, you should also obtain the local building codes. You can get them at the local bookstore or state building code office.

Meet An Inspector

Meet with the building inspector before you begin construction. Show them you plan to build according to the local code. Invite them over at various stages of construction to avoid having to redo any construction process.

Utilize the inspector’s knowledge throughout the construction process. It is also vital to ensure those working jobs in construction at the project communicate with the inspector to make approval straightforward.

The three steps above should ensure your building is up to code. Remember, it is a process of continuous improvement.