How to Tell When Your Business Needs Parking Lot Resurfacing

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construction jobs

Your business premises’ parking lot is the first thing customers see. Asphalt may seem durable and unbreakable, but after years, it experiences wear and tear. Kilgore Companies offer parking lot resurfacing. If you want to work construction jobs for Kilgore, you should be able to tell when a parking lot needs resurfacing and so do business owners. The following are signs your business parking lot needs resurfacing:


An asphalt parking lot is continuously exposed to sunlight and moisture. With time, it will lead to the asphalt cracking in multiple places. Water seepage causes the cracks to grow larger.

Cracks in an asphalt parking lot look ugly and cause uneven surfaces, which are a danger for people walking in the lot. To avoid slip-and-fall lawsuits and make it look presentable, resurface the parking lot immediately.


Another apparent sign that your parking lot is becoming debilitated is massive potholes. Potholes will appear when the cracks become too large. Fixing parking lot potholes is common when doing construction jobs for Kilgore.

When the potholes are massive enough to cause damage to vehicles, you should resurface your parking lot as soon as possible. Potholes are also walking hazards that can harm people, so spare yourself the lawsuits and resurface the asphalt lot.


Commercial parking lots suffer a lot of stress due to substantial vehicle activity. With time, the weight of heavy vehicles will cause the asphalt parking lot to start warping. The intense pressure over time makes the result inevitable.

If you see warping in the parking lot, signified by uneven surface, it is time to resurface the asphalt.

Resurface Your Parking Lot Now

The three signs above are the easiest to notice, so if you see them resurface the parking lot immediately. Asphalt lot resurfacing is a typical part of construction jobs for Kilgore.