Is It Necessary to Excavate the Old Pavement in Preparation for a New One?

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Out with the old and in with the new! Most construction works, including renovations, require a solid foundation. That often means starting from scratch and demolishing structures from the ground. Replacing an old pavement is no different. Here is why excavating should be part and parcel of the process while preparing for new pavement.

Ensure Durability

Installing a new road surface requires detailed construction techniques and jobs in construction to ensure the surface remains effectual for longer. Road substrates tend to wear and tear over time, making a relatively well-done surface collapse prematurely. Excavation is necessary to create sufficient surface strength for the new pavement.

Remove Obstacles

Since you are re-doing the pavement, the contractor likely skips some steps. Understandably, obstacle removals like digging out tree stumps, debris, or boulders are crucial steps. However, it is safer to ensure the site is clear, especially when the new design involves changing the shape of the site. Additionally, you will have to excavate to carve out a new profile for the pavement.

Allows for Easier Grading

While excavation focuses on removing unwanted material, grading levels the ground for new installations. Grading relies on very heavy material- usually a spade-like metal that scrapes the ground’s surface while leveling the topsoil, thus creating a clean slate for paving.

Create Proper Irrigation and drainage systems.

Floods are largely responsible for road and pavement damage. Installing efficient irrigation and drainage systems to direct water away from your new pavement is necessary. Contractors create these pathways during excavation by digging out excess soil and forming pivots. Therefore, excavation is essential to ensure these systems are solid enough to support the new pavement by reducing the risk of damage.

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