Quality Control in Sand and Gravel

Conveyor belt over heaps of gravel against the blue sky at an industrial cement plant.

Gravel and sand are raw materials used to make aggregates that are usually used in construction. Considering they are gotten in quarries and pits, quality control for these items is mandatory. Kilgore Companies adhere to the highest standards of quality control when doing construction jobs. Sand and gravel are crucial for making concrete, so their quality must be of the highest standard. The following is what is involved in quality control for sand and gravel:

Sample Collection

Quality control starts with collecting the materials to measure. For starters, the amount of sand and gravel to be used for construction jobs must be enough.

However, you cannot measure it all, so you must collect a sample. The sample must be accurately representative of the entire amount, so various types are selected.

The use of clean, pre-sample containers is very vital. Decontamination and organization of the sand and gravel samples will follow.

Proper calibration and maintenance of field equipment should also happen at this stage.

Laboratory Analyses

The next step in quality control is the laboratory analysis of the sand and gravel. Chemical analysis of the samples must be done to ensure it meets the regulatory standards.

All the analyses must be conducted by an accredited lab. Construction professionals must be consulted in the analyses to ensure the sand and gravel are suitable for construction.


After the analysis and recording the findings of the analysis is necessary. These are the documents that will show whether the sand and gravel are suitable for construction.

The findings should be passed up the hierarchy of management for them to make the necessary decisions. If the documented findings find nothing wrong, construction can start.

Quality control of sand and gravel is a big part of construction jobs by Kilgore Companies. Sample collection, lab analyses, and documentation will help meet quality standards.