The Advantages of Asphalt

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Asphalt is one of the most popular materials for paving roads, parking lots, and other hard surfaces that experience a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. To work construction jobs for Kilgore Companies, you must be familiar with asphalt and its qualities. The following are some of the advantages of using asphalt:

Cost Effective

Asphalt has low initial costs, especially when compared to concrete. Moreover, it is recyclable and has a higher residual value than other materials.

Asphalt contains bitumen, meaning it can easily be reheated and reused, so maintaining asphalt paving is also cheap. Considering bitumen is the most expensive element in asphalt, asphalt paving is an economical option that can save business owners a lot of money.


Another significant benefit of asphalt is that it is safe. More specifically, it improves safety when used for paving due to its excellent drainage capacity.

Asphalt increases water dispersal and drainage, which reduces water spray that can ruin drivers’ visibility and cause accidents. In wet conditions, it is a quality that can save many lives.

Porous asphalt enhances water drainage into underlying drainage systems, meaning there is minimal water collection, and road markings are more visible. Asphalt paving is also faster than paving with other materials, which increases the safety of those working asphalt construction jobs.


Asphalt is famous for its durability. Asphalt paving can remain intact for more than thirty years if properly maintained.

Proper maintenance includes swiftly making repairs, offering protection against the elements, and ensuring proper drainage, among other factors. However, there are many factors affecting asphalt durability.

Asphalt can also withstand significant traffic, even if that includes large trucks carrying heavy loads. Asphalt can also be modified to suit any condition, whether soil, traffic, or weather.Asphalt offers many advantages, including those outlined above. Learn more about asphalt before hiring Kilgore Companies for construction jobs.