The Importance of Grading in Construction

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Grading is an essential component of construction projects and jobs in construction, and at Kilgore Companies, we understand the integral role this plays in successful job completion. Properly graded surfaces are critical to ensuring that buildings and other structures have stable foundations and creating a level surface for pavements and walkways. With adequate grading, structural integrity can be protected.

At Kilgore Companies, our team of expert contractors knows how to grade land for any job in construction – from landscaping around private residences to leveling the ground before heavy machinery or equipment is installed onsite. We equip our teams with quality supplies such as laser levels, which ensure accuracy when checking elevations on a given site. Our experienced operators also know how to read blueprints and assess conditions at the job site for optimal performance results when it comes time to grade the land accordingly.

Before commencing work on a project involving earth-moving activities like excavation or filling dirt areas with high-precision machines like Bobcats or backhoes, proper grading should always occur first; otherwise, there may be significant issues down the line if done incorrectly due to lack of experience and expertise within this field. The groundwork must be laid correctly so that all subsequent steps go smoothly; this could mean preventing water buildup near foundation walls or making sure drains lay properly beneath pavement layers. All tasks require significant knowledge about soil compositions along with sound judgment to execute them effectively with minimal waste material left over afterward.


At Kilgore Companies, we understand not only why proper grading techniques are crucial but also how they need to be implemented correctly depending upon soil types present at each unique location (from clay bases up through sandy substrates), and complete customer satisfaction is what drives us forward during every step of these jobs in construction. So whether you’re building a new structure from scratch or simply renovating your backyard patio area, we here at Kilgore Companies have you covered.