The Importance of PPE and Workplace Safety

The recent pandemic taught everyone how important handwashing is in stopping the spread of viruses. We learned other precautionary measures, like not gathering in large crowds without a face mask, especially indoors where ventilation systems may not be adequate for filtering the air.

What Is PPE?

PPE is important throughout all government facilities, from municipal mayors and city managers to POTUS. Agencies and organizations follow general industry standards for using personal protective equipment (PPE). Protection includes:

  • Face masks and face shields
  • Eye protection (glasses and goggles)
  • Disposable gloves, gowns, and shoe coverings.

Respirators are PPE because they protect our life-sustaining ability to deliver oxygen to the rest of our bodies. Broadly, PPE can mean anything that protects. However, the federal government has general industry standards for PPE that ALL businesses and organizations must follow for safety reasons.

To be clear, PPE isn’t just about protection from viruses. Workforce safety from all threats (even those too small to see) is mandatory. From a dozer operator to a construction laborer, the jobs in construction are listed at Kilgore Companies require PPE as a condition of a safer work environment. For example, helmets are PPE and an OSHA requirement but don’t protect from viruses.

It’s the Law

PPE requirements follow federal laws outlined in 29 CFR of the U.S. Code. Enforcement comes from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a fully funded primary agency inside our federal bureaucracy. Long story short, PPE of varying degrees of safety and requirement is a fact of living in a post Covid-19 world no one avoids.

PPE is Life Saving

With OSHA around every corner in the construction and paving industries, Kilgore Companies is more vigilant than ever about the importance of PPE. OSHA regulations go beyond protection from viruses. All jobs in construction at the Kilgore Companies universe must follow safety measures, mostly for employee safety reasons.