Top Five Causes of Concrete Deterioration

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

When you own a concrete structure, preventing its deterioration should be one of your primary concerns. Concrete deterioration puts your structure and the people inside it at great risk. Identifying the causes of concrete degradation will help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Kilgore Companies offer concrete reconstruction, and anyone working jobs in construction should know the top five causes of concrete deterioration, which include:

Freezing Or Thawing

The freezing or thawing of concrete can lead to losing the surface portion of concrete, also known as scaling. When scaling occurs, it leaves the aggregates used to make the concrete exposed.

Scaling will occur when the hydraulic pressure resulting from freezing water within the concrete is more than the concrete’s tensile strength.


Steel reinforcement is used to make concrete structures stronger. Chloride exposure or carbonation of the steel will lead to corrosion and hence deterioration of the concrete.

The corrosion will result in cracking and delamination of the concrete. Working jobs in construction will involve finding ways to prevent corrosion.


Water contains particles like sand and gravel. When water hits concrete surfaces at speed or scrubs them for elongated periods, erosion will occur.

Ice particles can also cause concrete erosion with prolonged exposure. However, erosion is a sign of poor durability of the concrete aggregate.

Chemical Attack

When concrete is exposed to strong chemicals, it will undergo serious degradation. An acid attack or prolonged exposure to corrosive acids will cause substantial deterioration.

Chemical attacks also mean exposure to salts, alkalis, and sulfates.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can cause concrete degradation. Fire and extreme heat from the sun will reduce the structural integrity of the concrete. Ice and frost will also have the same effect.

The above are the top 5 causes of concrete deterioration. Learn about them to work jobs in construction for Kilgore.