What are Road Base and Fill Products

construction jobs
construction jobs

Kilgore Companies is a leader in the construction materials industry, offering products and services to help with any project. Two essential elements for successful projects are road base and fill products. Quality road base and fill products can make all the difference when constructing roads, driveways, or parking lots that stand up against wear and tear over time.

A road base combines materials that make up the foundation for any paving project. It typically consists of crushed stone, rock, and sand mixed with cement or asphalt to form a strong bond. When properly installed, the road base provides stability and strength for roads, parking lots, and driveways.

Fill products are used as part of road construction projects to fill in voids created by soil erosion or poor compaction from traffic over time, making dips in the surface. These products can be anything from gravel, sand, dirt, or clay-based material, depending on what’s needed for the job at hand.

Kilgore Companies offers quality road base and fill products sourced directly from our quarries across Texas, ensuring customers get only top-notch materials essential for successful construction jobs, big or small. Using quality road base and fill products from Kilgore can help ensure the success of a project by providing stability and drainage capabilities over time. Using these materials helps increase the longevity of pavement surfaces while saving money on future maintenance costs associated with repairs due to shifting ground conditions or inadequate load-bearing capacities. Additionally, high-quality road bases reduce dusting issues often associated with inferior substitutes, making it safer for drivers who need good visibility when traveling at high speeds on highways or interstates.


Kilgore Companies understands the importance of having a quality road base and fill products available to meet customer needs. That’s why we offer only top-notch construction materials from our quarries across Texas ensuring customers have access to reliable, long-lasting materials for any paving project. So when you need high-quality road base and fill products, check out Kilgore Companies for all your construction jobs today.


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