What are Road Base and Fill Products?

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There are many materials used in construction. Durable packing materials create a compact ground to construct roads and other projects. Before hiring Kilgore Companies for construction jobs, you should understand what road base and fill products are. It will help you make more informed choices.

Road Base and Fill Products

Road Base is a versatile construction product used in many construction products. It may contain materials like decomposed granite, crushed gravel, and limestone.

These products are compacted to form hard surfaces like roads. The mixture of fine particles and added pressure allows the construction of a solid compacted surface.

Fill products or materials are used to reduce the static load of a pavement or road.

Road Base and fill products are driveways, parking lots, garden pathways, building pads, and roads, among other things.

When Is Road Base Used?

The road base is used as the foundation for roads and driveways. They help in the laying and compacting of the road into a smooth surface.

Road base materials can also be used to give stability and solid compaction under cement slabs in construction jobs.

In construction, the road base materials have a thickness of about 100 to 250 mm in depth. It gives the surface structural integrity and strength.

Things To Consider When Buying Road Base

There are various factors to consider when using a road base to build a road or driveway. The most important one is the combination of materials, as it will determine how thick the road base will be.

You also want a road base that will withstand traffic well and maintain its form over multiple seasons. The source of the road base materials also matters substantially in construction jobs. This article should teach you more about what road base and fill products are. Consider Kilgore Companies for construction jobs that require a road base.