What Can We Do For Your Company

jobs in construction

Kilgore Companies is a group of construction material companies. We are a one-stop shop for all things construction. Kilgore provides construction services and materials across the Intermountain West. Kilgore will perform any construction, from small developments to large-scale projects. We offer plenty of jobs in construction if you are interested too. The following is what we can do for your company:

General Construction Contracting

The first service Kilgore offers is general contracting for your company’s construction project. The service includes sourcing all the materials you need for the project. You provide Kilgore with a budget, and they will find materials to suit it.

General contracting also involves finding labor for your construction project. Kilgore Companies have plenty of jobs in construction; hence they can easily find skilled labor for any construction project.

Site Development

Most building sites have to be prepared for the construction to follow. Kilgore will perform site development and ensure it is ready for whatever construction project is happening on the property.

Site development services, including laying the groundwork for utilities. Utility infrastructure is essential and will affect your company’s entire construction project.

If there is any earthwork necessary to develop the site, we will do it. We have the equipment, knowledge, and human resources for perfect site development.

Concrete Delivery

Nothing is more crucial to modern construction than concrete. It is a strong material with many applications. Kilgore will fulfill all concrete requirements for your construction project.

We have ready-mix concrete, which is ready for construction as soon as it arrives at the site. Kilgore has various trucks for quick ready-mix concrete delivery.

Kilgore also adds concrete mixtures for the ideal combination for your project. We perform concrete fiber reinforcement and color alteration.

We can do plenty for your company, including the above. Employees should consider jobs in construction by Kilgore Companies.