What is a CDL Driver?

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CDL stands for a commercial driving license, so a CDL driver is someone with a CDL. A CDL driver operates various types of commercial vehicles necessary in the transportation and construction industry. A CDL driver is one of the most prevalent jobs in construction. When you hire a truck or heavy machinery from Kilgore Companies, we can provide a CDL driver for your purposes. Read on to find out more about what a CDL driver does.

What Does a CDL Driver Do?

A commercial driving license (CDL) is a driver’s license necessary to operate large, heavy, or hazardous material vehicles or equipment in the US. There are three classes of CDLs, namely A, B, and C. The classes determine the type of vehicle you can drive.

As a CDL driver, you may be required to transport bulky or dangerous materials from one place to another. You may also drive heavy machinery like roller machines in road construction.

A CDL driver is responsible for operating and maintaining the vehicle. If there is anything wrong with the vehicle or equipment, they must ensure it is repaired promptly.

Because of their bulk and might, A CDL driver’s main responsibility is ensuring the truck or equipment is used safely when working jobs in construction.

Becoming a CDL Driver

To become a CDL driver, first and foremost, you must earn your CDL, meaning you must enroll in an institution where you can get the requisite training. These institutions may include a community college, driving school, or transportation company.

After completing your training, you will head to your state’s motor vehicle agency to gain your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). There, you must pass an exam and a driving skills test. A CDL driver is one of the most important people when working jobs in construction. Contact Kilgore Companies for qualified CDL drivers.