What is a Hot Plant?

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One of the most common materials used in construction, especially making roads, is asphalt. Kilgore Companies offers asphalt services in the Intermountain West. Anyone who wants to work jobs in construction should learn more about asphalt. Read on to find out more about hot mix plants.

What A Hot Mix Plant Is

Hot mix plants are typically used for road construction. A hot plant is where the concrete, aggregates, and asphalt are mixed to create a homogenous mixture for construction. It is also known as an asphalt drum mix.

A cold plant will make the aggregate that will be used as the base and minimum level of a road. The hot mix plant makes the final layer that covers the road.

Manufacturers of construction equipment make two types of hot mix plants, namely batch-type and drum-type plants.

The capacity of the plant will depend on the size of the construction project. However, most hot mix plants have capacities of somewhere between 40-160 tph.

Smaller hot plants work quickly, but larger ones offer more mobility which is beneficial for large construction projects.

Types of Hot Mix Plants

The following are the types of hot plants:

Continuous Drum Mix Plants

Continuous drum mix plants are popular because they are compact and highly portable. They are designed to be containerized so transportation is safe and swift.

These hot plants can be fixed to any mover hence their prevalent use. They also offer excellent

performance and fantastic fuel efficiency.

Portable Batch Mix Plants

Portable batch mix plants produce hot mix in batches. They provide road constructors with incredible mobility for use.

These plants are easy to install anywhere for a few days when working jobs in construction. You cannot beat their convenience.

Kilgore Companies offers many materials and services, including hot mix plants. Contact them for any jobs in construction.