What is a Roller Operator in Construction

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

There are numerous construction jobs, each of different importance. One of the most vital jobs in construction is the roller operator. Kilgore Companies offers rollers as part of our site development services. Few people know what a roller operator does. To work jobs in construction for Kilgore or your construction project, you should know more about a roller operator’s role in construction:


You must have a high school diploma or GED to be a roller operator. You must also possess a Commercial Driving Licence (CDL).

You must know how to operate rollers and other heavy equipment. You must understand the vehicle’s mechanical components, including hydraulics, engines, and gear systems.

A roller operator must know construction materials, processes, and industry requirements. You must demonstrate outstanding safety proficiency and a willingness to comply with company policies.

Work experience is also necessary when working with such heavy equipment.

Working Conditions

A roller operator works outside, so they must be willing to work in the rain, sunshine, humidity, and other harsh conditions while exposed to dust and construction materials.

You will have to work out of town or wherever the construction site is located. You will have to sit for many hours on end but still be able to carry some loads when necessary.

You must work overtime as required and wear safety equipment in hazardous environments.


You must operate the roller for the duration of the project and conduct the equipment’s maintenance.

You must ensure the surfaces are adequately flattened, including how to apply varying pressure to ensure a smooth finish.

You must ensure safety standards are met and train other employees about the roller’s safety standards.

Being a roller operator is one of the most challenging jobs in construction. The above article should tell you what it takes to become a roller operator for Kilgore Companies.