Why Have a Water Truck on Site?

Vacuum waste truck on the cleaning process portable bio toilet cabins at the construction

At Kilgore Companies, the importance of having reliable and efficient vehicles on construction sites is high. One such vehicle is a water truck, which can be used for various applications in both residential and commercial construction projects. In this blog post, we’ll explore what a water truck looks like and some of its key uses at Kilgore Companies and other construction jobs.

What Does a Water Truck Look Like?

A typical water truck consists of a tank body mounted to an industrial frame with wheels or tracks; it typically has storage capacities ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 gallons or more. It often includes internal baffles for more stability when carrying large volumes of liquid over uneven terrain. The tank itself may be constructed from either aluminum or stainless steel, depending upon the intended use and regulations set forth by local jurisdictions regarding chemical compatibility with specific drinking sources (e.g., potable water). Additionally, these trucks are equipped with pumps capable of delivering pressurized streams directly into places they’re needed, such as firefighting operations or dust control on dry work sites during construction jobs.

Benefits of Water Trucks on Construction Sites

At Kilgore Companies, we use water trucks for several different tasks. The most common application is dust control on dry work sites; the truck’s pressurized streams help to keep down airborne particles that could otherwise cause health hazards or impede visibility in surrounding areas. Water trucks are also used for emergency firefighting operations and maintenance activities like watering vegetation and cleaning various surfaces during construction.


In conclusion, a water truck is an essential piece of machinery for any successful construction job. It has many uses, from dust control and emergency firefighting operations to routine maintenance tasks such as washing surfaces or providing potable drinking sources on site. At Kilgore Companies, we understand how important these vehicles can be in keeping workers safe and projects running smoothly, which is why they’re standard at every one of our construction jobs.


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